Friday, 10 July 2015

Little Lamb - Runcorn

With the cold snap coming through, what better way to warm yourself after excessive overtime at work than with hot pot. Even more better when you have delightful company to join you. 
We went to little lamb on a cold Thursday night for my confidant's birthday. It is situated at Runcorn Plaza, opposite the ever more popular Warrigal Square.

Being one of the earliest hot pot buffets in Brisbane, I believe what sets it apart from all the other competition is accompaniment of BBQ skewers.

There was two types of soup within the pot, the pork soup and spicy soup, which cater for most people's tastes. My personal preference is the comforting and nourishing pork soup, which I find really calming after a busy day.

All food and drinks (inc soft drinks) are available on a DIY basis. 

I got the usual selection of hot pot fare, tofu, fish cakes, beef tripe and sausages. I liked how the tripe was particularly tender.

Plates of freshly shaved meats are available from the fridge, but beef and lamb are the only available options so there's no pork or chicken. Whilst I love how the meat is thinly cut, I definitely feel that it is a bit on the fatty side.

The left hand plate was the beef, and the right hand side was the lamb with the distinctive swirls of fat (as opposed to strips in the beef).

Skewers are also DIY, and included things like pork intestines, chicken hearts, chicken, pork, lamb, and prawns.

You stick them in the little notch where the cogs rotate the skewers automatically while you wait for them to cook. 

Drinks and sauces are also obtained on a DIY basis. I note they had a selection of cooked foods and dessert which I did not have enough space to fit in.


Whilst little lamb doesn't offer top quality food, I always find that its good value for the price ($29.90 per person). I've had some friends express their concerns about the cleanliness of the place, but for what it's worth, I have yet to be food poisoned here. Without a doubt, I always enjoy my dinners here.

Price Range: $29.90 per person

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 5/10 (minimal staff, mostly self service)
Environment: 6/10 (could be cleaner)

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