Monday, 6 July 2015

Story Bridge 75 Anniversary - Eat Street on the Bridge

Yesterday happened to be July 5. 7/5, which also happened to be the 75th Anniversary of the opening of the Story Bridge. The Council decided that it would be a nice way to celebrate this occasion by moving Eat Street onto the bridge for a day. Despite tickets going at an exceptionally quickly, my companions and I were lucky enough to get tickets to attend. So similar to my post on the World Food Markets from last year, I will post a series of photos I took on the day, with relatively short commentary on the food.

I received my tickets in the mail last week. Was rather impressed that it was registered post too.

Arrived at the CBD to find a line up to get on the shuttle buses.

We arrived at Fortitude Valley, on the northern end of the bridge.

We arrived to see the people from the last session (red lanyards) leaving.

We had to go through security and get our bags checked.

The food stalls were on one side of the bridge, whilst the other side had tables to eat once you purchased your food.

We started off with a Nutella crepe. The crepe itself wasn't freshly made, but I understand that due to time constraints, that was probably wise. The crepe was nice and thin, and the strawberry was sweet. The ice cream was pretty average though.

We had the pulled pork from Little Back. The pork was tender and juicy, but there wasn't really enough for the large amount of corn chips we were given.

Walking to the southern end, we had the Langos. I always love having langos at eat street, so it was no different at Story Bridge. The pastry itself was nice and fried, the heat melted the cheese on top, but the salsa ensured that the langos was nicely balanced out by the fresh tomato and onion.

We also had a mango and strawberry soda, which was refreshingly cool on the day.

We were also rather captivated by the sweet smell of churros. Without much doubt, we got one to share. It was warm and fluffy on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. The chocolate dipping sauce was quite comforting too. 

Before leaving, we also decided to try out the German Sausages. I liked the toasty bratwurst, which was homey and delicious.

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