Friday, 24 June 2016

Chi Mc - Brisbane CBD

With the opening of Nene Chicken in Brisbane, came the quick opening of Chi Mc in Brisbane, situated on Creek Street. Being another large Korean Fried Chicken chain, it provides me a nice option to have something similar to compare with (not to mention being closer to my work).

I was quite surprised to find the menu containing quite a large variety of rice and noodle dishes, along with salads and burgers too. It also had a selection of lunch specials, which came with a drink for $10.

Being counter service again, I ordered at the counter and got a number.

I got a table in the corner, and note that it was getting very popular despite being only 11.30 in the morning. My only point of criticism was the extremely loud music, but I really liked how much larger it was compared to Nene and the rustic feel to it.

I was soon provided with sides, consisting of cabbage salad and some fresh radish. A table top bin was also provided for the chicken, along with tongs and a fork. I note the lack of other utensils, having to call waitstaff to ask for chopsticks. 

I had the lunch special, tempura udon and a drink. Whilst the udon was chewy and delicious, I was very surprised at the lack of toppings in the dish. At the minimum, I would have wanted some sort of tempura veges or meat. I like how the drinks came with the option of special Korean imported drinks, which was quite refreshing and delicious.

Being a fried chicken store, my meal would have been incomplete if I hadn't tried their Korean Fried Chicken. Dining alone, I would have wanted a small portion to try, but was quite surprised with the minimal serving being half a chicken, with the larger option being one chicken. I opted for the half chicken portion, in original flavour. It came with a buttermilk sauce, which was quite comforting. The chicken was freshly fried and quite delicious without being oily, but as a companion mentioned, it lacked the fragrance of KFC's secret herbs and spices. It also came with a portion of freshly fried potato crisps, which was slightly oilier than I would have liked, and a little bit chewy.

Price Range: $10 - $25pp

Taste: 7/10
Value: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 5/10

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