Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Madtongsan II - Brisbane CBD

Having blogged for quite a while now, one of the downsides I realised is not remembering where you have written about and what you still haven't. With the winter finally coming through, a friend and I decided to go grab a spicy Korean meal at Madtongsan II (since Madtongsan I closed). On our way there, he asked if I had written about it. Being a frequent customer of the establishment, I thought that I had, to realise later that I hadn't. So, dear reader, here is the long awaited post.

Madtongsan II is situated along Elizabeth street, above ground level, through a relatively well hidden staircase. 

The place was relatively quiet when we arrived, having only a couple of tables situated above the hustle and bustle of Elizabeth Street.

We ordered hot pot, and the stove and utensils were set up very promptly.

Our Hot Pot arrived much to the delight of my friend and I. Now we had ordered the "Bu Dae Jeon Gol" better known to us as the "H1" to us non Koreans. "H1" contains spicy sausage , pork belly, Kimchi, vegetables and ramens noodle in a combination soup. The sight of the bubbling soup and the spicy ingredients was very warm and inviting. We did not waste a moment and immediately began digging in. The ramen noodles were soft and very flavoursome having soaked up the soup and the chilli as well as the ingredients. I particularly loved the tofu strips and pork belly. Whilst it was advertised as spicy we were very comfortable with the spice level. To me it gave a refreshing kickstart for the rest of the day at work. 

Along with the hot pot came two complimentary bowls of rice. To me it was a pleasant addition as it allowed us to enjoy the meats and the vegetables. The rice was a fragrant jasmine long grain, soft and warm and was very filling. 

Besides the rice side, the Hot Pot came with a set of complimentary side dishes better known as Ban Chan in Korean. This included a cold creamy pasta dish, a side of kimchi and a side of preserved onions. I found the side dishes to be a pleasant balance to the hot pot. Especially the pasta whilst the onions provided a yummy snack and cooled me down when the hot pot got too spicy. 

Overall I enjoyed my H1 at Madtongsan II. I felt given the limited time we had it was a nice treat amidst the rush of work. With its decent serving size and inviting ingredients, it is a solid choice for those looking for inspiration to continue the rest of the day.

Price Range: $10 - $20pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 8/10

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