Friday, 17 June 2016

Noosa Chocolate Factory: Little Research Store - Brisbane

With the recent chill coming through Brisbane, I was reminded of  what I learned in High School, that chocolate was by far the most enjoyable way to warm myself up from the inside out. With this in mind, I was very pleased when a friend offered to shout me a coffee and a snack at the newly opened Little Research Store by the Noosa Chocolate Factory.

I could see that the restaurant was relatively new, with their coffee and chocolate drinks menu having hand written signs. Nevertheless, I was very glad to see their options for dark chocolate coffee, which I eventually ordered.

In terms of cold drinks, I was pleased to find more than the average cold drip, with a selection of milk based, almond milk based, soy milk based drinks available. 

What really caught our attention though, was the freshly stone ground chocolates, which were available for taste testing.

The staff explained that the stone ground chocolate was freshly made on site in the big silver machine displayed.

An assortment of coated chocolate was also available on site for mix and match to takeaway, which I chose to indulged in, after the staff let me sample some of their most popular milk chocolate coated almonds which were rich and super crunchy.

My companion ordered the iced latte which was smooth and rich in coffee taste, whilst surprisingly being sugar free, which was a good change. I note that the sign was again written on a white label, which detracted a bit from presentation.


I ordered the 92% dark chocolate coffee, which was super strong in chocolate taste, although not very sweet. I could still taste the subtle coffee undertones, but the chocolate was no doubt the star of the show, being very rich and bitter, I really enjoyed it.

As mentioned, I indulged myself in some of their chocolate assortment, opting for a selection of dark chocolate coated coffee beans and dark chocolate coated blueberries. The coffee beans were crunchy and added to the bitterness of the dark chocolate, but I enjoyed the blueberries far more, as it added quite a bit of fruity sweetness to the otherwise bitter chocolate.

Price Range: $6 - $20pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: 8/10

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