Saturday, 1 April 2017

Eat Street Re-Opening - Hamilton

With the recent relocation of Eat Street, I was of course super keen to check out their new setup. Despite being in Perth when the tickets were allocated, I was lucky enough to secure a few tickets to go with some friends. Without giving too much commentary, below are some photos of our attendance on opening day.

Note the two massive legs on lamb on display!

We kicked off the eating with a sample of some candied apple. The apple was fresh and the candy was very sweet.

Gone are the Korean Sliders, in their place was Korean Pancakes.

Rather than pancakes though, we opted for the K-Town Cheesey Steak Fries. Cheese was deliciously stringy, beef was well marinated, but all the toppings remained at the top of the fries, and once we had eaten the top layer, we were left with just regular fries.

For drinks, I had the lemon lime bitters, which was just as sour and bitter as I like. My companion had the watermelon, raspberry juice, which contained quite a bit of pulp.

I also got to try some tornado potato, which was fresh and crunchy, although a little soggy after a while. 


My pick of the evening was the Okonomiyaki. Unlike before, the cheese and pork belly were loaded on top of the pancake rather than mixed throughout. Other than this, it was amazingly cheesy and the pork belly was tender. The pancake had a good texture throughout and the sauces definitely kept it moist.

I also tried some of the chicken curry with roti. The roti was soft and flaky, but the curry was a little watery and not very spicy.

The spinach and ricotta ravioli was flavoursome and delicious, but one portion only came with three (very big) pieces, which was a little disappointing.

The highlight of our evening was the taco bowl. The bowl was really crisp and light rather than hard, and the salsa and guacamole inside was delicious and fresh.


I rounded off my meal with a dark chocolate filled churro. The line to order was very long, and its popularity was very much justified. the churro was pipping hot and freshly fried. There was just the right amount of filling inside of it not to be too much, but not too little either. I really enjoyed it.

Overall, a great night out. I cannot wait to go back soon.

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