Tuesday, 18 July 2017

2017 Regional Flavours - Southbank


Like last year an the year before, we went to taste the local specialties made available during the annual Regional Flavours Festival at Southbank. Again, I post some snaps of my adventures last Saturday morning for those who missed the festival.

Bacon from Backfatters Farm was quite nice, I enjoyed the slight hint of after sweetness.


Tried the Brooklyn Classic and Chicky Burg from Brooklyn Depot. The chicken patty was thin and quite small in size, whereas the beef patty was more reasonable. Both burgers were quite saucy, which normally would have been very appreciated, but in this case they were a little messy for us to eat as we go. The bun was also a little disappointing, being slightly warm at best, and quite coarse.

Had a nutella morning bun from Ten Acres. It was described a s a croissant scroll, but I would say that the texture was halfway between a croissant and a muffin. For a croissant, it could be a lot more layered and flakier. I really liked the chocolate though.

We tried two dishes, both from Aquitaine at River Quay. My companion ordered the Escargot, which I wasn't game enough to try, but apparently it was quite delicious. 

What I did share though, was the Croque Monsieur with pork belly and raclette cheese. Unfortunately it was more similar to a ham and cheese sandwich than a croque monsieur. The pork was very thinly sliced and akin to ham, whereas the cheese was quite mild when we would have liked it a bit stronger and sharper. The stand out would definitely have to be the wholegrain mustard which carried the dish.

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