Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Espresso & Matcha's Delectable Tarriance - Melbourne: France Soir

As mentioned, my most recent trip to Melbourne was far more organised and well researched (i.e. I spent hours pouring over other peoples reviews and drooling over their photos). Looking into what the highest rating French Restaurants in Melbourne, France Soir at South Yarra definitely caught my eye as our next dinner destination for a special yet cozy dinner.

I was really glad to have made a reservation ahead of time, as the place was completely full, a little cramped and severely understaffed. Every time we needed service that evening, it took considerable time for us to wave down a waiter who wasn't already preoccupied with another customer.

Getting a table right next to the door meant that the wind would blow at me every time someone opened the door. Thankfully that didn't happen too often.


The food and drink menu contained quite a few traditional French inspired options, not unlike my last French experience in Melbourne at A La Bouffe.  

Specials were highlighted on the wall, which meant that our already overworked waiter didn't need to take the time to explain to us the additional options.

Whilst the general drinks menu was concise and fit onto one page, there was a massive leather bound tome which contained a vast assortment of wines, and detailed descriptions of which part of France they came from. 


My companion ordered a wine (of course), and as usual I failed to remember what he ordered, whilst I tried the Aperol Spritz, which was very appetizing with its orangy flavour.

Complimentary bread was soon served, and there were quite a few warm toasted pieces along with a block of very hard to spread butter.

My entree came without too much delay. As with most French restaurants, I opted for a Steak tartare. Surprisingly it came without chips or crackers, but I ate most of it on the bread provided. I loved the tangy peppery and tangy taste of the dish, which was spicy but not overly so. The beef was really fresh and had a soft smooth texture. 

Our mains soon came after the entree, and the spread was very impressive. 

My companion had ordered the porterhouse, which came with a side garnish of salad. His steak, whilst it didn't look as large as mine, was far more thick cut, and really filled him up. He had it with mushroom sauce, which he reportedly quite enjoyed.

My choice of steak was the Scotch Fillet, cooked rare and served with pepper sauce. I had it cooked rare as usual, and it was served rare, but still a little on the chewy side. The pepper sauce definitely packed a punch, but still managed to be quite creamy. 

In terms of sides, we had four, including green beans, spinach, salad and fries (I was so hungry I forgot to take an individual picture of said fries before eating). All sides were executed quite well, with generous portions. The chips were crunchy and freshly fried, perfect to soak my steak juices. The salad was well dressed and perfectly crispy, whilst my companion really enjoyed the beans and the spinach. 

Price Range: $50 - $70pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 8/10

France-Soir Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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