Saturday, 27 January 2018

Espresso & Matcha's Saporous Expedition - Sydney: Just Fry (foodora)


Last night in Sydney and we were busy packing but also quite hungry. What could we possibly do to get fat one last time? Of course order food delivery to save us even having to make the walk downstairs. Foodora to the rescue again. Reviewing my trip as a whole, there was only one blatant thing missing - a hearty meal of Taiwanese fried goods, which is what I set out to get from Just Fry.


Ordering was relatively simple, and I liked how the store gave portion indications so that I could gauge how much I was ordering as I went. 


Tracking though, was far less ideal. Although they did give a rough time estimate of when we could expect our food to be delivered, the last five minute wait took actually longer than fifteen minutes, which I didn't really appreciate.

After much waiting, our food did eventually arrive, and I was met with quite a few jealous looks as I took the lift back up to our room and for a brief 30 seconds those people could all but smell my deep fried salt and peppery dinner.

(yes this was indeed all for me, Queen V opted for a salad which is so sad that we won't talk about that here).

First up we have the Just Fry fried chicken fillet. It wasn't as large as hot star, nor was it as crunchy as hot star (considering how long it was kept in a steamed environment on the back of a bike, I was already impressed at how much crunch it retained), but it was well seasoned. Rather than a breast fillet though, this appeared to be more along the lines of a drumstick and maryland section, which meant it was a lot more moist but a little chewier. 

Highlight of the meal was the chicken nuggets, which were a bag of what resembled popcorn chicken. Again they were seasoned with salt and pepper, but what stood out for me was the hidden treasure at the bottom of the bag. DEEP FRIED GARLIC. This instantly made it a winner in my books, with the added spice from the fresh garlic, this took me to heaven.

Deep fried tofu was my attempt to get something remotely healthy, and I felt good eating it, convincing myself that even though it was fried, it was still tofu, which were from soybeans... so these were my veges of the day. The tofu wasn't as crunchy as freshly fried, but it was amply crisp. Having just finished the popcorn chicken, this was considerably more bland, and would have done well with some dipping sauce on the side.

On the topic of veges, I also had a bag of waffle chips, because seriously, who can resist waffle chips? No sane person, that's for sure. These struck a wonderful balance between potato crisps and fries, wit their thick cut lattice and crunchy exterior, I loaded myself up on the carby goodness and then passed out in a food coma. Packing and the diet will have to wait till I wake up.

Price Range: $15 - $30pp

Taste: 8.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N/A
Environment: N/A

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