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Espresso & Matcha's Saporous Expedition - Sydney: Sokyo Pyrmont

One of the restaurants I had long wanted to go to has been Sokyo. Having gone past it a couple of times in my travels, I always thought that poor girls like me shouldn’t live too extravagantly, so I shelved the idea. Come 2017, I was down travelling with Iron Fist who is known for his exorbitant lifestyle, who convinced me to finally go and try it out with him. 

Making a reservation online for 6, I was surprised to be told that we could only hold the table for an hour and a half, unusual for this type of restaurant. Arriving at our allotted time though, I could see why. It was a full house. 

We were seated at a table that was unfortunately too far for me to spy the sushi chefs. Nevertheless I loved the ambience of the place, with its dim refined atmosphere. 


Upon being seated, water and menus were promptly provided. I really liked their menu which provided both traditional and modern options to satisfy Iron Fist and myself. 

As usual, Iron Fist started his meal with a glass of wine, this time rose instead of red so that he could enjoy it with sushi as well. 

My sashimi came quite with much fanfare and theatrics. Like sono, it was presented with dry ice. Cuts included salmon, tuna, scallops, bonito and kingfish. Sauces on the side include a sweet soy as well as a tangy citrus dip. The cuts of fish were amazingly fresh and probably some of the best had ever tasted. My favourite of the evening was the kingfish which was so fresh it almost had a sweetness to it.

To share, we also had two pork belly robata, which was served with apple and wasabi and garnished with black salt. The skewers were caramelised to a delicious crisp on the outside, highlighted by the sweetness of apple and the soft moist interior. Dipping it in the wasabi sauce drew our palate back to remind us that this was indeed Japanese cuisine. I really enjoyed this take on a traditional favourite.

As his main, Iron Fist ordered the wagyu steak special. It came with truffle butter as well as enoki mushrooms on the side. Trying a piece (or several), it was amazing. The steak was perfectly tender with a melt in your mouth kind of feeling. The mushrooms and truffle gave it a distinctly Japanese twist, and both he and I loved this dish. Truly it was a masterpiece.

Not wanting to detract too far from my usual, I also got a salmon avocado roll. Evidently the rice to topping ratio was excellent. As with the sashimi, the salmon was undeniably fresh, and the avocado was perfectly ripe. The rice erred on the harder side though.

Being the Queensland country boy that he was, Iron Fist ordered a serve of the Queenslander Sushi. It contained spanner crab, aioli and avocado, wrapped in soy paper. Despite being classified as sushi, this definitely appealed to me more as being akin to Vietnamese rice paper rolls. I found the flavours to be very light and delicate, with the crab being quite fresh. It was quite a creamy combination with the avocado, one that I hadn't tried before, but enjoyed nonetheless.

Despite being quite full by then, readers will have no doubt that I had no hesitation or resistance when it came to putting through an order for dessert when offered.

Our desserts came quite quickly after, and they were a sight to behold indeed.

First up was the Yamazaki Caramel Machiato, which contained coffee ice cream, coco nibs and whisky foam. It was basically happiness in a cup. The coffee ice cream was perfectly strong and yet smooth, the coco gave it some texture and chocolatey goodness, whilst the whiskey foam made it all the more buzzy. I loved this dessert.

Drawing sharp contrast was our second dessert, the Strawberry Calpis, a lime mousse, strawberry and green tea meringue, and calpis frozen yogurt. It had a wonderfully sharp and tangy taste of strawberry and lime, which was extremely refreshing. The green tea meringue gave it a bit of crunch. Being a fan of the calpis drink, I also really enjoyed their frozen yogurt, a novel and delicious dessert.

To finish the meal, I had a cappuccino. The foam was thick and rich with just the right amount of coco (not too little as to be insignificant, not too much as to cause issue when I inevitably inhale by accident). The coffee itself was amply strong with creamy milk, and made for a wonderful conclusion of a delicious meal.

Price Range: $130 - $160pp

Taste: 9/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Environment: 9/10

Sokyo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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