Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Woka Woka - Underwood

After an underwhelming meal at Your Personal Chef, my craving for food of my hometown, Hong Kong was left unsatisfied. Thankfully, Iron Fist decided that in the name of spontaneity we would go and scratch this itch. Which is why we headed to the newest branch of Woka Woka, in Underwood for a quick fix to stave off those cravings.

Despite the subheading of fusion cuisine which Iron Fist was quick to point out, the Chinese sign did say it was Hong Kong cuisine. Approaching the store, I appreciated the menu outside, which allowed us a chance to gather our thoughts on what to order before going inside.

We arrived somewhat late in the day at about 2pm to find the restaurant still half full, but managed to grab seats easily.


I quite liked the menu, which offered up a vast variety of Hong Kong style options, from rice to noodles to congee to mixed grills and baked dishes, but what impressed me most was the extensive choices we were given as part of the lunch specials, which had quite a few more options than the usual set A and B.

Iron Fist, made his choice of Soya Chicken and BBQ Pork with steamed noodles as a lunch set.

Soup of the day was a pork and lotus broth. He found it to be quite refreshing and appetising and light, albeit on the salty side of the spectrum.

The soya chicken and bbq pork with steamed noodles was very large in portion, and also served with a side of Chinese greens. Both the chicken and pork were well done, the cuts were quite good, being chicken maryland and a considerable amount of pork. The noodles were also quite tender and thoroughly seasoned with an oyster sauce and soy sauce combination.

My set meal consisted of a baked spaghetti bolognaise served with and I had my soup upgraded to shark fin soup (imitation). The soup was also a little salty, but that aside, it had a perfectly thick texture, delicious chunks of fish and imitation fin, and a wonderfully tasty chicken base. My spaghetti was also quite large in size. Although it was nothing comparable to the fresh pasta you would get at Enoteca or even Vapiano, it tasted like home. The ground beef was complimented perfectly with the bolognaise sauce and cheese. A definite Hong Kong style favourite of mine.

Being a set meal, they came with standard drinks. Iron Fist ordered the Hong Kong style coffee, whereas I ordered the Hong Kong style milk tea. Being used to simplistic beauty that is HK style milk coffee, I was somewhat confused as to why there would be a small amount of foam on top of the coffee. Iron Fist said it was like very strong filtered coffee, which is thereabouts correct. My milk tea was very rich, strong and smooth. A definite deviation from the usual Taiwanese milk tea that I get, the caffeine content rocked me to my core and kept me buzzing all day.

Price Range: $10 - $20pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Envrionment: 8/10

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